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Kuumba Made Coconut Oils - 1oz, 3-Pack

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Kuumba Made Coconut Oil is the ultimate all natural skin care. Pick three of your favorites here and and enjoy some savings. These small, one ounce sizes are perfectly portable too. Slips easily into the purse or gym bag. With so many exquisite infusions, it's a challenge to choose just one, so we have happily created this little trio. Customize your combo pack. Makes a delightful little gift set.


Simply select three from the drop down menus. 

These botanically infused coconut oils are pure, clean, nourishing skin food. They also are great as a hair treatment or a little added to a bath. A very effective and versatile oil with ingredients you can love. No fragrance is added, no essential oils. They consist of only certified organic coconut oil with botanical elements infused. This is always done slowly, in small batches, by hand, to ensure the magical properties of the botanicals remain active and intact. You can view the specific details and splendid ingredients on the individual product pages. They're full of antioxidents and nutrients. These are clean, pure infusions that melt into your skin beautifully, replenishing and protecting. Your skin will drink it up as if it has been hungry for it. 

See our Product Reviews pages for comments from people who have kindly offered some feedback on this wonderful substance, and tips on how they've used it to great effect.

We also offer other coconut oil bundles if you'd prefer larger sizes:

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Or Try A Sample Pack


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