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Kuumba Made Fragrance Oils ~ 3-Pack

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  A trio of Kuumba Made Fragrances Oils!

These enchanting Fragrance Oils are wildly adored world-wide for good reason. These are thoughtful, full-bodied and complex blends like only Kuumba Made can make. Available in a range of unique and distinctive scents, from light and fresh, to deep and sweet, earthy, heavenly, and everything in between and combined. 

All the fragrances are available, from their famous Egyptian Musk, Persian Garden, Amber Paste and Black Coconut, to lesser known, but no less exquisite fragrances like Creamy Coconut, Zen Rain, Pikake Lei, White Ginger, and so many more. All of these unique blends are equally amazing, captivating, and entirely effective in awakening the senses. 


 If you prefer to purchase just one fragrance oil, visit the main Fragrance Oil product page.

 If you have yet to discover your favorites, we invite you to explore with a sample pack.

Many of these simply defy description, with a language all their own. They will blend with your own personal chemistry too, creating a fragrance that is unique to you.

See Kuumba Made's Fragrance Descriptions here.

Ingredients details can be found below.

Many discover a fragrance they resonate with so deeply it becomes their signature scent. Others prefer a variety, switching it up depending on the occasion or mood. Presenting the 3-pack. It is also a super deal if you have some lucky friends to gift, it's just smart shopping!

Just choose one from each of the three drop down menus, and then add to cart. You will be able to review your selections after adding to the cart. 

These Fragrance Oils are alcohol free, and rich.

A very little goes a very long way. 


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The 1/8th sizes have a roll-on applicator with the exception of Amber Paste which has an applicator rod due to it's thick resinous consistency. Larger sizes are bottled in rectangular bottles without an applicator.

Kuumba Made Fragrance Oil Ingredients:  Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba seed oil), and or Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, parfum (Kuumba Made’s own fragrance blend).

Kuumba Made fragrance oils do not contain any animal products or harmful chemicals including phthalates, toluene, benzene, aldehyde or any other harmful substance. Contains no petrochemicals, preservatives or alcohol. Never tested on animals. No soy or nut products, with the exception of coconut.

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