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Jasmine Infused Coconut Oil by Kuumba Made - 2 Ounce

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      Kuumba Made Coconut Oil in Jasmine is the favorite amongst the infused coconut oils. All provide natural skin nutrition, each unique, but Jasmine is the top seller for it's irresistible aroma. An exceptional, effective moisturizer for face and body, and an aromatic conditioning treatment for  hair. 

Larger and smaller sizes & samples available here. 

      Although Jasmine is known for it's sweet and inviting aroma, it also has a softening effect on the skin. By increasing the skin’s elasticity, it can help prevent scarring. Suitable for all skin types. For centuries Indian women have used jasmine to scent their hair. 



An ideal oil for full body massage! The enticing scent of jasmine flowers has been known to have a profound spiritual effect on some.

small-jasmine-flower-oil  small-jasmine-flower Calms The Mind, Invigorates The Spirit  jasmine-coconut-oil  little-jasmine-kuumba-made-coconut-oil

Jasmine has been used to strengthen, repair and protect hair, also stimulate growth. Traditionally, jasmine has been a natural treatment for dry, brittle hair, dry skin, and even for treating chronic skin conditions effectively. It has a full list of beneficial properties for both body and mind.

Simple, pure ingredients: certified organic coconut oil, and both certified organic & ethically farmed jasmine flower extracts.                                                                   


A heavenly moisturizer, that is hand made! It is infused at gentle temperatures assure the fine properties of this very special flower are retained. 


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