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Herbal First Aid - 3 Pack

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  Kuumba Made Herbal First Aid, triple relief. This handy 3-Pack of 1 ounce healing salves are an essential addition to the medicine cabinet. Select which three suite your needs and enjoy the savings.


     These salves are exceptionally effective, and have brought so much relief to so many. You may find they can replace your common commercial products after you've discovered how well they work. Powerful herbal formulas here, that are highly effective, and perfectly safe for both children and pets. 

Created in Kuumba Made's Herbal Kitchen, by hand, in small batches. Filled with the purest of ingredients and intentions.

These are all ingenious recipes. Thoughtful infusions with the cleanest ingredients, formulated with care to provide maximum absorption of efficient healing benefits. They really get the job done. 

This 3-Pack includes one ounce of each, of your choice. A good value compared to buying them individually. You may not need the whole set of six, and here you can choose the three that are most appropriate for your needs.

Just select one in each of the three drop down menus and then add to cart.



We encourage you to read the labels and detailed descriptions on the individual product pages. Impressively clean formulas, with mostly organic ingredients.

These herbal salves are incredibly capable formulas. Nothing synthetic or artificial included. No need, as nature supplies brilliantly.




If you would like a set that includes all six salves, we offer the Travel Kit and the Gift Set. 

For all the wonderful details and ingredients on each specific salve, you can view the individual product pages with the links below:

Herbal Healing Salve - Skin Care 

Sprain & Strain Recovery  - Muscle Care

Breathe Deep Chest Rub - Respiratory Care

Joint Support - Joint Care

Repetitive Motion Relief - Tendon Care

Scar Repair - Scar Care



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