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Essential Shimmers Samples - 6 Pack

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Discover the other fragrance oil from Kuumba Made. Pure, simple, 100% natural ingredients make this a product you can feel good about using. These are clean essential oil fragrance blends, with a base of jojoba oil and a touch of mica, nothing artificial or synthetic. The mica provides a light touch of a shimmery glow. Amazing fragrance with an alluring little glisten. It is not glittery, for that you would want to look at the Simply Sparkles, a roll-on body glitter, These shimmer very subtly, great for areas you just want to gently highlight. With this set you can explore and discover your favorites. Also it provides a great way to have a variety on hand.

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We have created this sample pack so you can give them a try. Twelve scents are available and you can try half of them at once with this 6-pack bundle. Mini samples also make great little gifts, easily tucked into a card or added to a gift bag. 

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You can view all the scent descriptions on the Essential Shimmers product page. 

Kuumba Made's Fragrance Oils without the shimmer.




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