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Desert Sands - Botanical Bath Salt

Desert Sands - Botanical Bath Salt

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Kuumba Made's Botanical Bath Salts are not your average bath salts. The high desert sands in this formula are exceptionally rich in mineral content to deeply replenish and penetrate. A magical, powerful blend of Sonoran Desert botanical treasures is added, to soothe your aching muscles, soften your skin, calm your mind and revive your spirit. Indulge, and refresh. A purifying, blissful soak awaits. 


Enjoy an inviting, saturating treat for body, mind, and soul. You'll find it as refreshing and aromatic as a fresh desert rain, while it melts away all those aches and pains. 

Relax, replenish, renew.



Comes with a reusable cloth bag that you can fill with the sands and place in the water like a tea bag, and enjoy a skin softening, luxurious soak. For a more intense, detoxifying effect, add the entire contents to your bath.

☞ Always remember to drink plenty of water after detoxing, before, during, and after. 

See our blog post on how to make the most out of your bath experience. 


Superb ingredients, courtesy of the Sonoran Desert: Chaparral, Desert Sage, White Ceremonial Sage, and Desert Lavender. See the label for the complete list and directions for best use. Contains 15oz.



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