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Coffee Infused Coconut Oil by Kuumba Made

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Coffee is full of antioxidants, along with caffeine, to stimulate, restore, and firm your skin. Brightens and tightens. Perk-up your face! This is an infusion that is marvelous for the complexion, and is 100% Certified Organic skin care.

Caffeine has potent anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for reducing inflammation and redness, and is an excellent under eye treatment. The antioxidants in coffee protect and bolster your skin's natural defenses. 

Coffee softens and adds shine to hair too. Together with the coconut oil, it makes a wonderful hair mask treatment. Leave on hair for ten minutes before shampooing.

Simple, 100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Certified organic coconut oil, and certified organic coffee beans.


By infusing the coffee beans slowly, at mild temperatures into the coconut oil, the full potency of the bean's benefits are retained. A purely organic pick-me-up for your skin.




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