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Coconut Oil Sample Packs by Kuumba Made

Coconut Oil Sample Packs by Kuumba Made

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      Kuumba Made Coconut Oils Sample Packs! These botanically infused gems come in so many choices it can be difficult to pick just one. With the sample packs you can try them all. 

Each of these botanically infused coconut oils are uniquely wonderful in their own way. It's fun just to have a variety on hand too. These 1/8 ounce samples are contained in small glass bottles, travel well, and are perfectly sized to pop in your purse. Sturdy glass bottles have a cap with a rod for easily dispensing a small amount while on the go. 

Try them all with a ten-pack containing the full variety, all the infusions. Also great for gifting as stocking stuffers or as a special addition to a variety gift bag.

Try a half pack! We also offer two sets of 5 each, 1/8th oz size, one in warmth, and the other in floral. Each are available individually on their corresponding product page too, as a single sample.

     The Floral Pack:                             The Warmth Pack:

        Rose                                                Vanilla
      Jasmine                                           Mochalicious
       Calendula                                       Sage
       Rosemary                                       Pinon
       Lavender                                        Coffee


        kuumba-made-coconut-oils-floral                                kuumba-made-coconut-oils-samples-warmth


You can read the full descriptions of each of these infused coconut oils in their individual product descriptions. Each is special in it's own way. Contained In sturdy glass.

These are thoughtful infusions, each botanical chosen for it's distinctive properties beneficial for skin care. Certified Organic Coconut Oil is used and when possible the botanical elements are also organic. Clean, wholesome skin nutrition, that also will do wonders for hair. The botanical elements are infused slowly at low temperatures to retain their healing properties. No essential oils or other ingredients added, these are true infusions. Nourish your skin.



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