Nature knows what she's doing.
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About us

Hello, and thanks for visiting! We are located in Tucson, Arizona, in the heart of the beautiful, lush, high Sonoran Desert. When first arriving a couple of decades ago, we were astounded at the beauty, and surprised at the prolific, dense vegetation and amazing wildlife here. Not what was expected for a "desert". Incredible sunsets, exciting electric storms, and enchanted landscapes, and we made home here. 

It was only within the last couple of years that we discovered Kuumba Made products. Having used coconut oil straight from the kitchen for years, it was intriguing to discover their product of Botanically Infused Coconut Oils and gave it a try. Fell in love with it, and only later learned that it is made locally. Wow! It is produced by hand and with organic ingredients, nothing not to love. Found their other product lines equally exquisite. Desert Offerings Spa Line with Sonoran botanicals is a delight for body and mind, quenching and refreshing. The remarkable Herbal First Aid salves have proven to bring great relief to so many, it has to be shared.

Experienced a terrible sunburn here one summer, feeling my skin begin to blister and boil and having only Calendula Coconut Oil on hand, I gave it a try. The effect was remarkable. It healed my skin almost instantly, no peeling or itching, it just soothed and browned. Worked better than aloe, which is what I generally used in the past. Impressive. Came to find all the different coconut oil infusions were wonderful in their own way, genuine gifts for both skin and hair. 

It is not often a product inspires as much as these did. Having always appreciated natural products, it surprised me we had never came across Kuumba Made before, especially being in the same city. Now that we have shared and gifted to all friends and family, we want to promote these wonderful products further. They simply work is why. They are just super effective, and with simple, clean, trusted ingredients. 

We strive to bring these products to you at the best prices possible, and we celebrate the opportunity to do so.

First and foremost "about us" is our love and reverence for nature. She knows what she is doing, and we should always listen carefully. When nature articulates, beauty results. Nature is to thank for all things bright and beautiful, and healing. We aim to promote products that are produced sustainably, and with the purest intentions. Body care products in particular should never contain harmful chemicals, and there is never a need for such, as nature provides healing botanical gifts in great abundance. Products that are created by hand, with simple, pure ingredients are the most effective you'll find. When something is infused with both nature and good intentions, exceptional quality results.

We approach every order with commitment, care, a glad heart and high spirits.

Welcoming comments, questions, and your thoughts, anytime.



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