Nature knows what she's doing.
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Herbal First Aid Salves

      Kuumba Made's Herbal First Aid. This collection consists of six potent, all natural herbal salves, with 90% - 98% certified organic ingredients. Highly effective formulas that are safe and gentle enough for children, and pets. 

     Relief really is here. Muscle aches, pains and inflammation, stiff and sore joints, swollen tendons, respiratory distress, bites, cuts, scrapes, rashes, eczema, and old or new scars; all these and more can be remedied, as these salves promote healing very efficiently. 

     These remarkable herbal infusions are thoughtfully formulated to ensure excellent skin absorption and delivery of potent healing benefits. 

               Safe, clean, pure remedies, from nature.                       


Created with intention to heal.

How refreshing to discover a product that is chemical-free, powerful and effective, while at the same time being safe enough for your kids and pets. Testimonials can be found all over the web expressive of the effectiveness of these salves, they simply work, and work well. Often these salves have been discovered to be more effective than previously tried products, over the counter or prescribed.*

Check out our Reviews page for some helpful testimonials provided by customers who have kindly shared their experiences.


We are so pleased to present this impressive collection at the best prices you'll find anywhere.  Makes for the most thoughtful and caring gift you can give too, the gift of relief! Available in both a Gift Set and a travel size pack. The Travel Kit is a wonderful way to sample them all.

Ingredients you can trust here. Nothing artificial, and filled with certified organics. Take a moment to read the label, these are truly ingenious recipes. All the ingredients in each salve can be found on the individual product pages, and you will like what you find. These herbal healing salves have brought so much relief, to so many. The larger sizes are an amazing value, and sample sizes are available for you to test them out for yourself. You will not be disappointed as you browse the labels, nor when you experience the relief they can bring first-hand.

Herbal Healing Salve - Skin Care
Sprain & Strain Recovery  - Muscle Care
Breathe Deep Chest Rub - Respiratory Care
Joint Support - Joint Care
Repetitive Motion Relief - Tendon Care
Scar Repair - Scar Care

Real remedy and healing have been experienced with these salves and we celebrate the simple fact that they are available. When those drug store products fail you, let nature lend a hand. You'll wish you had sooner.*


olive-branch-kuumba-made-herbal-salvesKuumba Made products are all vegan with the exception of beeswax. No animal testing ever. Soy free, gmo free, and nut free. NO preservatives, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals or sulfates.



*External use only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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