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Everything Amber

Kuumba Made's Amber fragrances are in a class of their own. A grounding and earthy fragrance thats warm, inviting, and many say downright addictive. 

Available in:

Four distinctive Fragrance Oils

Amber & Sandalwood Bath Salts, LotionBath & Body Oil

Amber & Sandalwood Gift Set

Kuumba Made Fragrance ~ Everything Amber For Autumn Sale

Amber is one of those fragrances that's easy to fall in love with. A very distinctive aroma.  It's powerful, yet cozy, somewhat smokey, spicy and subtly sweet. A very natural, earthy, and grounding fragrance that is intensely alluring. Once you've become smitten with Amber, it's forever. 

Amber Paste Fragrance Oil fans will be happy to discover here the best prices anywhere on your must-have fragrance. Our larger sizes are an amazing value.Exquisite Amber!


Discover all the Amber Fragrance Oils & more with a Sample Pack.


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