Nature knows what she's doing.
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Desert Offerings


The sunny Sonoran Desert is lush with unique botanicals, and plants and animals found nowhere else. Yes, the heat and arid conditions here can be harsh, but nature provides, brilliantly. The essentials of life spring from the desert earth in abundant amounts, not only the basics like food and shelter, but healing, nourishing gifts that replenish and protect. 

This intriguing product line from Kuumba Made is rich in Sonoran Desert botanical minerals and nutrients. Experience the ultimate in skin care, as nature intended. Exceptionally quenching, they are as refreshing, rejuvenating, and pure, as a fresh, cool desert rain.  Refresh, renew, detoxify, and moisturize.   

See the individual product pages to learn more about the Sonoran botanical ingredients in these exceptional products and their beneficial properties.  



The Sonoran Spa Travel Collection contains small travel sizes of each, providing an excellent way to sample all.  


Desert Sands - Botanical Bath Salts
Sonoran Clay - Botanical Face & Body Mask
Sonoran Soles - Botanical Foot Balm
Sonoran Scrub - Botanical Body Exfoliant
Desert Decadence - Botanical Facial Exfoliant



See this blog post for helpful tips on how to best use these remarkable products to maximize their benefits.

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