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Kuumba Made Infused Coconut Oils


The ultimate in all natural skin care. Pure skin food. Coconut Oil, a true gift from nature, has been used for thousands of years as a skin conditioner and hair moisturizer.

Kuumba Made has taken this wonderful substance to a new level by gently infusing various botanical elements into certified organic coconut oil. These full bodied oils nourish, moisturize, balance & replenish from head to toe. Absorbs beautifully! Effective for both skin and hair.

            It's pure, it's healing, and it's handmade.                             


These are pure infusions and they contain no added fragrance or essential oils. Simply, certified organic coconut oil is infused gently, at low temperatures, with flowers, herbs, and tree resins, capturing the essence and healing properties of each botanical element, including it's natural aroma. Nothing else is added. Comes packaged in sturdy glass jars.

Visit the individual product pages to learn about the specific properties and distinctive benefits of each infusion. See the ingredients labels which are splendidly simple, short, and sweet.

This is pure skin nutrition, rich in antioxidants. A very versatile oil. Use daily to moisturize & revitalize. Excellent as a bath oil that will leave you supple and silky soft from head to toe. Also can be used as a delightful massage oil, or a nourishing hair treatment. May be used to enhance intimacy, but is not latex friendly. 

Coconut oil becomes a liquid at 76˚, the perfect temperature for melting into your skin. Solidifies beautifully again when cooled. Can be warmed or chilled according to your preference and application.


Available in: CalendulaPiñonLavender, Coffee, Sage, Rose, Vanilla, Rosemary, Mochalicious, & Jasmine.  You can try five or try them all with a sample pack!



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