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Spring Healing

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     So Spring is well underway! Here in Tucson, we've been lucky to have gotten a little Spring weather, but it's very short season here. Summer swiftly enters in the high desert, and the heat comes on like a steam roller. When it's only a couple weeks long, you appreciate it even more. What's not to love about Spring? The best part of Spring of course is the blooming. Nature springs up beautiful, vibrant colors as if in celebration. A great time to get outside for a little grounding and refreshment as only nature can deliver. It's a time to feel good and get out there. You don't want any aches or pains to get in the way of enjoying the season, so it's the perfect time to do some healing. The lovely weather is inviting, and waiting to be enjoyed fully. So as you tend to your Spring Cleaning, tend to yourself as well with some Spring Healing.

     We thought it would be a good time to highlight the healing salves with a sale. We believe in this product line so passionately, we would give it away if we could, and our pricing reflects that. Kuumba Made's Herbal First Aid Salves are what inspired us to go into business to begin with. Nothing is better than people feeling better! This product line is simply remarkable, and once you experience the relief they bring, you will want them always within reach. It is worth noting that not only are they all natural, they are composed with over 90% certified organic ingredients.


     These salves are herbal infusions created by hand in small batches in Kuumba Made's Herbal Kitchen. Every single jar is attended to by hand and infused with healing intention, along with organic herbs and botanical elements. One just has to read the ingredients labels to see quite clearly that these are creative, clever, and thoughtful formulations, with every component doing it's part. When creating an infusion, it is very important to do so slowly and at low temperatures so that the healing properties are not cooked out and that they retain their potency. Clearly, the process is an effective one when done right, with expertise, and these salves are proof of it.

      We have directly benefited from the use of these products, as well as our families. Many testimonials scatter the web from others who have experienced the relief they can bring. The simply work. They often work after all other conventional remedies have failed, most of which are loaded with chemicals and ineffective fillers. You've got to be considerate with what you apply to your skin, as we have previously commented, your skin is a direct route to your blood stream, so it really matters to your health overall. What these formulas prove, without a doubt, is that nature heals, and with their use you will experience this most directly, and delightfully.

     With every ingredient used in these formulas, we could write paragraphs on, as each has it's specific and beneficial properties to tend to the condition at hand. We will refrain from going that deeply, in the interest of brevity, but the science holds up. Manmade chemicals can only attempt to mimic natural ingredients, and they generally don't do a great job of it. Nature really does know what she is doing, and when you have a direct benefit such as the relief provided by these products, you won't need any further convincing.


      Many common conditions can be relieved. Who doesn't have aches and pains now and then?  Three different salves address these so you can target your specific issue, one each for muscles, joints, and tendons. The Sprain & Strain will reduce inflammation very quickly, bringing fast and lasting relief. Skin conditions of all types can be resolved with the Herbal Healing Salve, which is the most popular and well-known in the collection, because it is wonderfully effective on all types of skin issues, injuries as well as chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and has been referred to as "miraculous". It is truly amazing. The Scar Repair too will restore your skin beautifully whether used on old or new scars. For respiratory struggles, the Breathe Deep Chest Rub provides welcome relief and effectively relaxes and opens up your airways. It has a extra benefit of bringing relaxation, and even repelling bugs so it's great to have around in the summer for this purpose.

       So to make the most of the warm weather seasons upon us, you've got to feel good, and these herbal salves will definitely help you do that. We keep our prices as low as we can on these so more can enjoy their benefits. Sample sizes are available if you need some direct experience as evidence, and we are confident you will be impressed. All the individual product pages detail a bit more regarding ingredients and benefits, but the proof is definitely in the pudding. So give them a try, and experience first-hand the healing power of nature. 


       We invite you to view this pleasant, four minute video as an introduction to the people and the philosophy behind the brand that is Kuumba Made. It is refreshing in this day and age to come across a company with such dedication and integrity behind their products, together with such genuine respect and reverence for our natural world. 





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