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Privacy & Pops Policies


     So we're going quite a ways off topic here, as this has nothing whatsoever to do with body care or botanicals. We had touched on this subject in a newsletter, but wanted to share more widely so all our visitors here might know, if interested, about our Privacy Policy, which is a little different than most.

      Few things are more boring to read about, yawn. It's a lot of dull, fine print in such things, but everybody has to have one for legal reasons. We do, of course have one, and it's pretty much the typical stuff, but there is a difference in our policy compared to most others. The difference is, is that we offer you more privacy here. Yes, more. 

      Lets explain, simply. Most every site you visit on the internet has Google Analytics installed. So what, you may say. It's not even given a second thought. This enables site owners to track customer behavior. Where you clicked from, where you clicked next, where and when you paused, where your cursor meandered, how long you stayed on the page, what you searched for, where you went next, when you blinked, etc. Okay maybe it can't tell when you blinked, ..or can it? It provides information on your behavior online, basically data, about you. As it's name implies, it analyzes. It also enables targeting, where we could have our ads follow you around the web, long after you've left our site. We've all experienced this to some degree as it is a widely utilized practice. We've come to expect such now, it's just business as usual, and unavoidable for the most part. It provides a company with all kinds of information that can be used to improve marketing strategies and site design and whatnot. Much marketing is tailored according to the data provided by this utility.

      This may not bother you, we all have come to accept it, as it is just how it's done these days, like it or not. Almost every single site you visit is using it, and because the competition is, site owners are compelled to as well, or they are at a disadvantage otherwise. 

      Well, despite the competitive advantage, we have chosen not to install this capability on our site. So what if it's business-as-usual, and nobody minds, we find that level of tracking just a bit impolite, annoying, and basically intrusive, so we just aren't going to do it. We mind. If we had installed that code, the Privacy Policy would require some updating, to let you know you have a less privacy than you had before. Whether you read it or not, your consent is implied since the policy is posted. We just wanted to inform you that there shall be no such update to our policy. We'd prefer to protect your privacy rather than invade or intrude upon it.

      Surely it is not of much concern to be tracked browsing body care product, but it's about principle. We simply have decided not to contribute to those data banks. When you browse around at Glad Dragon, you truly are browsing freely, with no tracking code following you around. Click here, click there, click anywhere, come and go as you like. As far as we're concerned that's your business, not ours. Be free. We can live with a little mystery, keeps life interesting!

       Another thing we are doing differently, and you may have noticed, there is a lack of pop-ups. Everyone knows they are annoying, but they are "proven effective", very, and so again, everyone everywhere is doing it. Again, it's expected and accepted. We have resisted this temptation, however "proven effective" it may be. Like the tracking code, we think pop-ups are just a tad annoying and impolite and so we're not using them. You will find no pop-ups, no pop-unders, no sideways pops and no pop tarts either. If we want you to sign up for the newsletter, and we do of course, we are just going to ask politely and move on. We might even ask twice, but we certainly aren't going to pop-up in your face repeatedly until you do, just no. 

       To sum it up, we will not be tracking your every move here, or clamoring for your attention with targeting ads nor pop-ups. If you sign up for our newsletter, in the bottom right of our footer, we will know it is because you want to and not because we pestered you to. Our newsletters are only sent occasionally, less than monthly typically, and we try always to make it worth your while. Usually they will include a special offer reserved only for list members, to show our appreciation. We will continue to respect and protect your privacy here and demonstrate the utmost consideration for your time, your energy, and your business. We thought it would be a good idea to express our philosophy about these issues, so you, as a visitor, would know where we stand. We are glad to be doing things just a little bit differently.


     Opinions vary widely on the subject of our privacy on the internet. We value yours very much. Please feel welcome to contribute your two-cents. Perhaps you think we're just being silly. It's entirely possible! Pop-ups too, do they bother you? Maybe you don't mind them so much, or perhaps you welcome them. And of course, the pop tarts. Do you have a favorite flavor? Let us know!    ✍

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