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Lose The Lotion

     Lotion, the mainstay moisturizer. Used by both women and men, and even children, often on a daily basis, and sometimes multiple times a day, is not actually doing your skin any favors. Most of us cannot imagine going without it, as it does provide a convenient and instant solution to dry and irritated skin. Of course there are thousands of options, and some lotions are better than others as far as the ingredients are concerned, but they do all have some things in common which really are best avoided.

     Now it seems that it doesn't make sense to go bashing a product we actually sell, and we aren't, not completely. We do have lotions, and we do consider Kuumba Made Body Lotion to be one of the best options available, as lotions go. It is, of course, paraben free, and they are a company that is conscientious overall, so I'd trust their lotion formulas more than most others. In all honesty however, we'd like to suggest that there is a better, healthier, and more effective solution to moisturizing your skin. Most of us have become quite attached to our daily moisturizer, lotions, and we re-apply regularly. If you have to keep re-applying a product, perhaps it isn't doing it's job. In a pinch, lotion can be a convenient solution for soothing skin, in the same way a cookie will satisfy hunger temporarily. It will stop the tummy from grumbling, but your body is still going to crave some nutrition. You would not consider cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and in the same way, you should not be using lotion as your primary skin care moisturizer. Generally for the same sorts of reasons, it is not the healthiest choice.

     So what is so bad about lotions? Even the best of lotions have some challenges, just by being lotion. You will be hard-pressed to find one that is all natural and without chemicals, because lotion, by it's very nature requires water. Lotion is basically a mix of oil and water, and we all know that's just doesn't happen in nature. When water is involved, it requires preservatives to keep it from growing bacteria. It also will require something that will keep it from separating and help it to maintain it's consistency. Chemicals are the only viable solutions to these issues, so what you will find in all lotions are ingredients like emulsifiers and preservatives. We could get specific regarding the worst offenders and the least worst as far as all the chemicals go, but there is plenty of information out there. Controversy abounds on which chemicals are less bad than the next, but the bottom line is that these are never good for you. It is important to remember your skin is an organ, and a direct route to your blood stream. What your putting on your skin, you are also putting in your body.

     What you will discover, when weaning yourself off the lotions, is going to be a pleasant surprise. Lotions, though they do provide instant gratification, are actually dehydrating your skin as the water in them evaporates. So you end up in a cycle of needing to reapply often. The solution is oils, it really is, simply natural oils. No one wants to hear this because oils are just..,well, oily, and no one wants to go around feeling oily or greasy, and it's not a particularly attractive look either. So, it may involve switching up your routine just a tad, but it is so worth it. Just give it a try, maybe on a day you're not hurried to get dressed. Your skin will thank you, and you're going to like the way it looks and feels.

     Most of us enjoy a morning shower, dry off, slather on lotion, get dressed, and head out the door to work. In a morning rush, oiling up after a shower just is not feasible as you might ruin your clothes if you dress right after. Even the best of oils take a little time to absorb, but we promise, if you can make just a little time, you will find your skin will remain hydrated through the day. Very possibly longer. You simply need to delay getting dressed, just a little longer. Maybe it's a good excuse to enjoy a proper breakfast between showering and dressing.

     Kuumba Made has a couple of different types of oils that will thoroughly quench your skin. Both do require a little time to absorb, compared to lotion, but really not too long. You may find 30 minutes is plenty, and an hour would certainly be more than enough time. If you apply very lightly it can be even quicker. After a shower it will absorb into your skin nicely and seal in all that fresh moisture. Some body oils can go on thick and sticky, no one needs that, and often those oils are not all natural at all. Still, you've got to go all natural, for the health of your skin and you. Just as you read food ingredients labels, so you should your body care products. Twenty-six seconds after application, chemicals in lotions find their way into your bloodstream.

     Consider a couple of options. Kuumba Made's Botanically Infused Coconut Oils, and their Bath & Body Oils. They have their differences, but both are highly effective formulations, and we have enjoyed experimenting with them. We cannot favor one over the other necessarily, as we have found both to work splendidly, although a little differently. Another plus with both of these products is that they can also do wonders for your hair. 

     When it comes to facial moisturizer, the coconut oils are clearly the winner. It's a breathable, thin oil, and as clean a formula as you can find. They all are composed simply, of two splendid ingredients; the certified organic coconut oil and the botanical element, often certified organic as well. Some of the botanicals used are "wild harvested". Generally this means that you can trust that they are organic as well, they just have not been "certified" to be so. If you're looking for an all natural, organic facial moisturizer, this is it. It is squeaky clean skin food, loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. They do absorb fairly quickly too. Ladies, you will be good to apply your make-up in 30 minutes max. Half that amount of time if you're applying it lightly. The coconut oils also perform extremely well as a make-up remover. Please do not use chemicals to clean the make-up off your face, it's just not necessary, and it is not good for your delicate facial skin. Coconut oil is ideal for this, and far more cost-effective too. Be kind to your face. 

     Deciding on which of the botanical infusions you prefer may take a little experimentation, but you can't really go wrong. Kuumba Made has carefully selected botanical elements that are all well-known for providing multiple benefits for the skin. You can learn more about the specific properties of each when visiting our product pages, but again, they are all equally great for skin. Mostly it's a matter of personal preference. Rose is popular for facial moisturizing for its lightly astringent properties. It makes a lovely toner, and has an aroma so fresh and feminine. And Jasmine has some amazing properties, improves skin's elasticity, and smells absolutely heavenly. Sage tightens and cleanses, ..and, well, they all have so many benefits. We invite you to learn more from those product descriptions, as each infusion offers it's own distinctive advantages. Samples are available, individually and in packs. With the Sample Packs you can try a variety. We also have some value combo packs so you can save on a pair or a little trio. We'd recommend the coconut oils on your face a couple of times a day, the morning before the make-up, and in the evening before bed. Fine lines will smooth, skin tone will balance, and elasticity will increase. You will find a small jar of coconut oil goes much farther than a bottle of lotion will too. Coconut oil for your face, because health and beauty go hand in hand. And don't forget your hair. Just a touch can tame, but just the tiniest amount, because it is oil after all. Some of the coconut oils have extra special benefits for the hair, like Rosemary, known to stimulate hair growth. Super-charge your hair conditioning by applying generously for ten minutes before your shampoo. Happy, shiny, lustrous locks assured.

     So for a superior facial moisturizer, Botanically Infused Coconut Oils is it, you just can't top it, but it also can serve you well as a body moisturizer. As a breathable oil, it can be very healing. Calendula is used with much success in treating eczema as well as skin damage like scrapes, bites, or burns, or fresh tattoos. It's rapid healing ability is well-established. They all absorb nicely, are all nutrient rich, and loaded with antioxidants. Skin just drinks it up as if it is thirsty for it. It's a satisfying experience that lotion simply can't match. Gives "feeding your face" a whole new meaning!


     Kuumba Made Bath & Body Oils are also loaded with nutrients and organic goodness and we have come to prefer it as our primary body moisturizer, mainly because of it's staying power. This is impressively long-lasting skin hydration! It goes on lightly, as oils go, but it is thicker than the coconut oils, and seems to work better as a long-lasting protectant. It does go on lightly, it is in  no way heavy. It just has a little more substance to it compared to the coconut oils. This oil will transform your skin. True, you will not be able to put your clothes on immediately after, but it is not a long wait, and more than worth the wait. You will find your skin retaining moisture through the day and perhaps even longer. This is the oil that can essentially replace your lotion. It simply does a superior job at hydrating and protecting your skin, evident after just the first use. With continued use, you will notice a great improvement overall in your skins elasticity and softness. Your skin's texture will change, and in the best way possible. Unlike with lotion, you simply will not find the need to reapply, as your skin will be replenished.

     The ingredients in this formula are also worth celebrating. Certified organic oils only are included, and each selected for their well-established benefits to the skin. Sunflower seed oil is the first, and it is an exceptional choice for skin care. It is combined with Jojoba seed oil, Rosehip oil, and Avocado oil, all organic. Pages can be written of the beneficial properties of each of these gifts from nature, as there are many. Just a moment of research will confirm this. What a spectacular formula! Kuumba Made adds an extra bit of Vitamin E to enhance an already nutrient-dense body oil. Superfood for your skin. These body oils can almost claim to be 100% natural and organic, but for an added hint of fragrance. It's a nice touch really, because the Kuumba Made Fragrance Oils are quite divine, and it is just a very delicate touch. It is also available Unscented if you prefer to skip the fragrance. You will notice improvement in your skin after just one use, far superior that what any lotion can do. It only takes a minor adjustment to your skin care routine if you usually like to moisturize just before getting dressed. If you can delay that getting dressed for just a bit, you will be well-rewarded. Switch up your routine, for the sake of your skin. Like the coconut oils, this oil is also very versatile. It is a spectacular treatment for your hair, a wonderful addition to the bath, and a luscious choice for a massage oil. Totally skin-quenching.


     Consider that dry skin is in no way due to a lack of lotion, but instead a depletion of oils. Our bodies naturally produce oils, so it is oils that can properly replenish. Water evaporates, and so lotions, though they can be instantly gratifying, like a cookie, really just make the situation worse, and set up a cycle of continual drying and attempting to replenish. Meanwhile you are absorbing questionable chemicals. Only oils can actually get the job done. Feed your skin what it's hungry for. You will find a drastic change for the better in your skin, and you will never go back to lotions as your primary moisturizer. No lotion can provide the natural protective barrier that oil can, and will.

     Okay, as much as we are bad-mouthing lotions, we'll admit they are not entirely useless. Just like with cookies, once in awhile, in a pinch, it will do fine to hit the spot. On areas like our hands, which are washed frequently, sometimes lotion is the preferable choice, just because most of us can't be getting our work done with oily hands, and there isn't time to wait. It's okay, go on and keep a bottle around, and maybe a travel size lotion in the purse for just this purpose. Just stay away from the parabens. Maybe you don't have to lose your lotions all together, but you should really consider letting it go as your primary moisturizer. It simply does not do the job effectively, and your skin remains hungry for substance. Just like our bodies require healthy meals, our skin too requires proper nutrition. It just makes sense.

     After you start treating your skin with oils, over time it will become saturated and satisfied. You will find yourself wanting for the lotion less and less, simply because your skin will be well fed and it will retain moisture. Healthy skin is in fact beautiful skin, and lotions simply cannot contribute the way natural oils will. We guarantee, the difference in your skin will delight you. 



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