Nature knows what she's doing.
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Interesting Inspiration - From The Bar

Once, years ago, while bartending on a crazy busy New Year's Eve, I found myself feeling drunk, which was odd because I do not drink, at all. What's this, I wondered,  is this what's called a "contact buzz" or something... my imagination? Thought perhaps someone snuck something into my soda, but I would've tasted it a mile away, and I was so busy I wasn't taking anytime to sip on anything. The sensation was quite real however and definite. Puzzling. And then it dawned on me. I was drunk indeed, and it was from all the alcohol that had been splashing onto my hands and wrists. It really was flying all over the place that night, literally. Generally I was not that sloppy of a bartender, really, but it was hundreds of people and just me pouring the liquor, lots and lots of liquor. . There were some spills. Anyway, it was a direct, first-hand experience of how efficient the skin is!

We all want beautiful skin. After all, we're covered head to toe in it. Mostly our concerns about skin care are cosmetic, and the phrase "skin deep" is reflective of our under-appreciation for what is our largest organ. Skin is a vital organ, just as crucial as any, and more so than some. It can and will absorb whatever is in it's environment, be it a sea breeze or smog, or liquor as the case may be.

When we apply cosmetics, whether make-up, wrinkle cream, or aftershave, our skin is going to take it in, and directly into the blood stream. Transdermal medications have grown more popular as it is a highly efficient means. Many medicines are going to fair better when they do not have to survive the trip through our digestive systems. Often the first signs of illness manifest on our skin, such as rashes or discoloration. It usually is not indicative of a skin condition, but something internal.

Healthy skin is resilient skin. It's both a protective barrier, as well as a receptive organ, doing it's job by taking in the good and fending off the bad stuff. We all know we get our vitamin D from sunshine, and no supplement taken orally can come close to providing our body with this critical nutrient in a form that it can utilize as effectively as direct sunbeams on our skin. Wonder what other nutrients might be sneaking in through our epidermis.

Bottom line is, what goes on your skin, goes into your bloodstream. Most things are far more potent when delivered this way, so we need to think again when applying synthetic chemicals for cosmetic purposes. Like any other organ, the skin is thirsty for nutrients, inside and out. Junk cosmetics are just as bad for your skin, and health overall, as junk food is, and there is no need for either. Nature knows what she is doing, we just need to listen.

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