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  • Ken on

    Kuumba Made’s Egyptian Musk is the only fragrance I like, and my girlfriend likes it on me too, so I bought a 1 ounce size. She is a Persian Garden fan for herself. It was cool finding it at such a good price. The free sample of lotion was a nice surprise too, as I’ve never tried it before, outstanding! Shipping was faster than expected, I really appreciate it. 5 stars, I’ll be back!

  • Amber on

    Thank you for the sale on the Kuumba fragrances. I love the Persian Garden SO much, and now I have enough to last a long time. Liked the sample too, I never heard of Persian Star before, interesting!

  • Sara on

    I’m writing about the herbal salves. My grandmother was having terrible trouble with her knees and icy hot was giving temporary relief but not making anything better. She hates to go to the doctor, so she was trying various things from the drug store. I saw the herbal salves here, and got her both the joint support and the strain & sprain, not sure which she needed, but so wanting to help. She used both of them, said the strain & sprain helped with the pain pretty quickly so she used it in the daytime, and then used the joint support at night when she went to bed. We were amazed that just after a few days of this her knees did not bother her at all anymore! It had been a problem for weeks, and now seems to be all better. She discontinued use of the strain and sprain because the pain was gone, but continues with the joint support at night. I’m not sure what worked or why exactly, just that she feels better after using these products. Such a relief to see my gram on her feet and happy about it again! I was skeptical of the claims, but after seeing how effective they were, I want to recommend them to everyone.

  • Christine on

    My husband has been dealing with eczema for years. His arms are always flaring up and medicatins have never been more than a little effective, it’s been frustrating! We were stunned, and amazed when after just a couple days of using the Herbal Healing Salve it almost completely subsided. He rubs some on every morning now, and finally, after years of chemical ointments, it is under control with a natural one. He only uses a little too, the 2oz jar lasts him almost a year! All those expensive chemicals he’s tried, and it took an all natural formula to get the job done. Simply a godsend. Thank you Kuumba Made, miraculous is right!

  • mary ellen on

    I have been using sage coconut oil on my skin and hair, but recently tried rubbing it into my cuticles because they are dry and ugly. I do it at bedtime and in the morning they are soft and keep me from getting hangnails. I’m going to try the Pinon Coconut oil next.

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