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Welcome to the page where our customers contribute their thoughts, comments, product reviews and testimonials. This space is for you, the customer, to say what's on your mind, and for visitors to learn from other's experiences. 

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  • Jen on

    My order arrived today, and it made my day. Thank you for the free samples! Definitely looking forward to coming back for more. Great products, just the best. And good prices too. Wonderful!

  • Charlotte on

    I came for the fragrances but discovered my new facial moisturizer after trying out the sample in my last order. Now I will never be without my rose coconut oil. Was hesitant about putting oil on my face, but it really does absorb fully and leaves no residue or scent behind. Feels so clean! Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product, definitely will be back for more. Appreciate the attention to packaging and the speedy shipping, top notch!

  • Lacey on

    Great shipping, everything was packaged with love and extra bits came with it. Ordered 2 coconut oils and they even included a sample of another scent! The store also threw in a gem stone and a cute little charm. Loved it!

  • Patricia Davis on

    I love these products. They are high quality. Delivery is always quick. And there is always a sweet little surprise in the package.

  • Suz on

    I loved the fragrance oils! Its awesome that you offer it in combo packs :) Thank you for the lovely packaging and the unexpected extra gifts.

    Definitely ordering again in the future.

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