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  • Patricia Davis on

    Oh my goodness! I just received my online order. Amazing packaging and surprises beyond my purchase. I get complimented on my fresh, clean scent everyday, and I am not exaggerating. I am carrying my black obsidian and clear quartz in my pocket, and I feel better already…really.

  • a big fan on

    The best fragrance oils EVER are made by Kuuma Made! Yesterday I was wearing my very very favorite ever, Tunisian Opium, and was out in public. I got several comments when we were in line and eating at a sandwich place, which really made my day. I don’t wear fragrance for other people but for myself, however it is very nice when someone notices that I am wearing a nice perfume. Kuumba Made fragrance oils are incredible….they are handy to carry, long lasting and smell heavenly! Please do not ever quit making Tunisian Opium, it is the BEST ever!! I have several small bottles, and I always carry one in my purse so that wherever I go, I will smell great. Just having it on lifts my spirits and makes me go to a happy place!! So glad I discovered Kuumba Made…….

  • Happy Customer!! on

    I ordered some of the Healing Salve from Glad Dragon to have on hand for various little needs around the house. My husband recently got some bug or spider bites on his hands while picking up some dead leaves in the yard. He was complaining loudly about the terrible burning and itching, so I put some little dabs of the Healing Salve on the bites and then went about my business of preparing breakfast. It was only a short while later that he came to me and said that the terrible itching had gone away!! He had suffered from this itching for a couple of days and I just had not thought to get my jar of Healing Salve out….so glad I remembered it and used it on the bug bites. He is now very impressed with Kuumba Made and fully supports my need to purchase several items from this company!! We are so happy with the Herbal Salve and I can tell it will be very useful in our home. A big shout-out to Glad Dragon and Kuumba Made!! Thank you!!!

  • cactusgirl on

    Oh my!! I just got my order this week and am very very impressed by all that is in it! This is the first time I am using the infused coconut oils and I put some on my face, neck and chest last night before bed. I have sensitive skin and at times get dry areas but this coconut oil has totally smoothed them out and also provided soothing relief. It felt so wonderful to have this lightly spread on my skin and I woke up with my skin feeling moisturized and non-greasy! Then I tried the bath and body oil after my shower instead of lotion and I believe I am instantly converted! I got the unscented so that I can wear my favorite scents, and not have an interaction. I have been running my hands on my arms every so often today and marveling at how soft they are! Lotion has never left me feeling this great. My skin feels so healthy and nourished! I did not need very much after my shower and just spread it on damp skin, it soaked in pretty fast and the moisture stays all day and into the night. This is incredible stuff and I plan to purchase more. I am totally sold on both the coconut oil and the bath and body oil as top-notch high quality skin products, so superior to what is sold in the stores. I am not sure if I want to go back to using lotions again on my skin! I wish I had tried these products sooner but am so happy to have found them now.

    The level of customer service given by Glad Dragon is unparalleled. In this day and age it seems like customers are not given much respect or care by companies any longer but this is not so with this company, they are a caring company who go the extra mile to make sure customers are happy and satisfied. I have not ever had a problem with them but I imagine if there was a problem with my order, it would be fixed very quickly. This company is the best!! I appreciate the sales and the price breaks on their products, plus if you buy the larger sizes of products, the price is quite reasonable for how long things last. I’m a happy customer for life!
    THANK YOU, Glad Dragon!!!

  • Katie L on

    Meant to write “very inexpensive” compared…

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