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  • Nancy Rivera on

    Only use Egyptian Musk oil as perfume for years. Can’t buy at local stores where I live now so very happy to find Glad Dragon can send it to me in 3’s. Gotta say, don’t know if I enjoy the product or the outstanding and loving way the package arrives. Beautiful writing on Thank You card, rhinestones on tissue paper, each item is carefully wrapped with so much attention instead of thrown in box with packing peanuts. I even called 2 friends to tell them about box! Haha!

  • Jackie on

    A favorite place to do my gift shopping! Quality products people are always happy to receive and the prices are the best I’ve found. Every single order comes packaged like a gift itself and brightens my day each time. I’ll probably be back for some last minute things and I love that I can have them shipped directly to friends with confidence they will be shipped promptly and packaged with care and with flair. And this Herbal Healing Salve is working wonders! Thanks for all you do, just the best experience every time from order to delivery.

  • Belinda mitchell on

    Love the herbal products, from healing salves to my favorite of all times, the Egyptian Musk lotion and oils. Not sure if there’s a soap or shower gel in this fragrance yet, if so I’ll be adding it to my next order. Thank you

  • Addyson Culpepper on

    I took pictures to add to my review, but it seems I can’t add them myself. The packaging was so pretty, and stylish! Someone wrote “thank you” in cute gold writing on my receipt, and I really appreciated that little gesture. I’m so excited to try the sample of Lavender Vanilla Oil ☺️☺️

  • Jen on

    My order arrived today, and it made my day. Thank you for the free samples! Definitely looking forward to coming back for more. Great products, just the best. And good prices too. Wonderful!

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