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Welcome to the page where our customers contribute their thoughts, comments, product reviews and testimonials. This space is for you, the customer, to say what's on your mind, and for visitors to learn from other's experiences. 

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  • Sonya on

    Thank you for the extra attention given to the Mother’s Day gift orders, they were well received! You cannot go wrong with any of the Kuumba Made products, all great, and the pricing and packaging and customer service from Glad Dragon is the best. Now my favorite place for gift shopping, knowing that the shipping will be fast and the presentation exceptional. Will be back!

  • Jill on

    Your company has such great customer service. I rarely leave reviews with all the online shopping I do, but I just love the package I received. It was very nicely wrapped and you were so generous with the extras. Your thoughtfulness and generosity goes a long way, I will definitely make another purchase soon. I love the fragrance oils I purchased from you and want the whole collection eventually. Thanks so much. <3

  • Dawna on

    A delightful experience from start to finish. The fragrances are amazing, but the healing salves are miracle workers. The Herbal Healing Salve has calmed down my eczema like nothing else has ever done, and the Sprain & Strain completely erases my nagging upper back pain. Remarkable! Love the thoughtful packaging, the free samples, and the quick shipping. I’ll be back!

  • Dréa Dréa on

    Glad Dragon, this is my new home. I love fragrant oils and these flavors are so concentrated. I received my sample pack to not only discover I had an extra but I took the cap off of one to smell just one and it was so potent I was smelling it in the air for hours! I will be back for much more. THANK YOU!

  • Stefania on

    The three oils that I’ve ordered our awesome I will definitely be ordering some more or different oils soon

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